Saturday, February 28, 2009

Woof! Woof! It’s Saturday!

Our Saturday did not start off that well…. Besides me having a little of a hang over from one too many drinks the night before….husband and I experienced a flat tire in the morning. It happened at the worst possible time, at the worst possible location; on quite a busy highway, about 35 minutes before husband’s weekly Tennis League Tournament!! Husband managed to change out the flat tire in a record time, drove to a friend’s house who lived nearby and had him drop us off at the Tennis Courts just in time! We did not want to take the risk of driving over 20 miles in that tiny spare tire just in case!!! Thanks Wei Wei for your big help!

We were supposed to pick up Seyda for lunch after husband’s tennis, but with the flat tire incident…the chauffeur role was reversed! Seyda came to our rescue and took us to lunch and home! =) After our Indian lunch buffet, we went scouting for dogs to adopt!!! Both husband and I are absolutely canine lovers and we’ve been pondering on the idea of getting a dog/puppy for quite a while. This is the first time we took actual initiatives to visit an animal shelter! Previously, we’ve only searched through online pet adoption sites such as for possible dogs or puppies that we can rescue! Our first choice is to rescue one, and the final choice (only if we desperately want a dog – NOW), we might seek to buy one.

We never realize that there was an animal shelter within a couple miles from our place! We got to the Lowell Humane Society, we saw so many adoptable pets; i.e DOGS, cats, guinea pigs, parakeets. It’s so heartbreaking to see all these animals abandoned or mistreated by their previous owners and have to end up in a shelter! =( So, we saw a Cocker Spaniel Mix named Dora…She was soooo cute with black (and sporadic white) semi-long fur! She’s so energetic and chirpy, but unfortunately might not be suitable for both husband and I in a home with no backyard, likes ours. =( . Although we prefer to rescue a dog, we want to make sure it’s the perfect one for us. I specifically want to make sure the dogs/puppies we adopt are at a younger age, preferably around 1 yrs old as I think the dogs will bond better with us! We’re in no hurry to adopt and is willing to “shop” around shelters till we find our perfect baby! And, I’ll be going back to the Lowell Humane Society from time to time to check on the adoptable dogs!!!Humane Society After a unsuccessful trip to the shelter, we went to a pet store in the mall to console ourselves…Haha We saw several adorable little puppies and asked to play with 2 of them; a Maltese and a Schnoodle (poodle and miniature schnauzer mix). The Maltese was exceptionally C-U-T-E!! He was like a little fluffy snowball; white, fury, tiny and light! The Schnoodle on the other hand was a little black fury cute thing and slightly smellier that the Maltese. Both are about 2 months old and cost a whopping $1600 each! Seyda jokingly suggested that it would be a great idea to “rescue” the puppy from the poor living condition of living in a crate of a shop! =P I do agree with her..haha.. that we should “rescue” them from that tiny crate in the store, but I’m staying firm to our plan of adopting from a shelter at least for now.

If you have a dog/puppy you want to give up or is available for adoption, drop me an email along with a picture of the dog/puppy! We’re looking for a dog/puppy about 1 yrs old (or younger), small (no bigger than 25 lbs), slightly energetic, hypo-allergenic/non or light shedder and is the cutest/sweetest thing! Adoptable dog/puppy must be in the MA, NH or RI area! We very much prefer to physically see and get to know the dog first before deciding to adopt it!

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