Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love Eggrolls

Eggrolls / Spring Rolls (fried) are one of my favorite snacks/appetizers. I have been accustomed to the ones filled with vegetables and sometimes meat/shrimp and they are absolutely delish! It’s the crispy thin spring roll skins that make the spring rolls so yummilicious!

A few months back, husband and I were introduced to this quaint cafe called Eggroll Cafe located in Lowell, MA right in the vicinity of UMASS Lowell. It’s a small cozy hang out place perfect for some light snacks and drinks while catching up with friends! They serve a variety of bento style meals, fusion spring rolls/ eggrolls and drinks (coffee,bubble tea, beer, etc).              

        EggRoll Cafe     EggRoll Cafe-1    

We’ve been there once to try the bento boxes and they were very good. Recently, we went back there just to have some mid-day snacks and ordered specifically their egg rolls! They are very creative coming up with a list of unusual egg rolls, both Asian & Western styles; curry chicken, steak & cheese, samosa, spinach & feta and etc.

Here are what we ordered & shared between 4:

1) Crab Rangoon Egg Roll with Sweet & Sour Sauce (Left). This is sooooooo good, I tried to replicate this at home; it didn’t turn out as yummy.=(

2) Shrimp Egg Roll with House Dipping Sauce (Right). It has jicama, carrots and shrimp inside. I thought it was rather bland. Now, this I know I can top it if I make myself .Haha!EggRoll Cafe-23) Chicken Curry Eggroll with Curry Sauce (Front). This is very yummy too and I thought it was a very clever of them to come up with this creation!

4) Samosa with Tamarind Chutney Sauce (Back). This is good, but I think I prefer the traditional Samosas a little better. Maybe it lacked certain spices…Something seems to be missing!EggRoll Cafe-35) Steak & Cheese Eggroll with BBQ Sauce (Left). This was surprisingly good as I’m not a big beef eater. I couldn’t taste the beefiness (gaminess) of the meat. I find gamy meat a turn off! That’s why I don’t like lamb and sometimes beef!

6) Spinach & Feta with Marinara Sauce (Right). I think this is pretty good, but because I don’t fancy Feta Cheese, I didn’t enjoy it as much! =) EggRoll Cafe-4Try this place out; it’s worth a try either for their eggrolls, bentos or just for a cuppa joe. The people behind the counter are very friendly and the place is very clean. You do order at the counter and “suppose” to pick them up at the counter when they are ready but I think when they are not busy; they bring the food right to you! We’ve had food and drinks brought to our table both times we were there! And if you’re lazy, I know they deliver! Check out their menu here!

Anyway, squeezing in (this posting) my attempt to duplicate their Crab Rangoon eggroll. I made this yesterday using eggroll skin (instead of wonton skin which I normally do) and wrapped it a little flat as I wanted to use as little oil to fry it as I can. I’m not sure if I did not have enough artificial crab meat or a certain spice is missing or if it’s the shape of my “flat roll” – it wasn’t good……..It was edible, just not as good as Eggroll Cafe’s version. Next time, I’ll stick to making Crab Rangoon using wonton skin and go to the Cafe whenever I want the eggroll version! =PCrab Rangoon-1

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