Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, The 13th

The day before Valentine’s Day and your truly was pleasantly surprised by her husband. He sent her a bouquet of Iris and Stargazer Lilies. I’m all smiles to find a little sweet surprise waiting at the door step today; a box of flowers and a box of chocolate! =)…..The flowers (still closed up) came well packed with a vase and “flower food” to help the flowers bloom. The food was effective as within hours, some of the flowers have started blooming. I think it that it will continue to bloom the next few days and will take another picture when it’s they are all in full bloom. =)

       Flowers      Flowers-1

My vase of Iris and Lilies….=)… I’m glad husband knows me well…I questioned him on his choice of flowers and why had he not gotten me roses. He said he knew roses are not my favorite and I adore lilies and gerbera daisies =).. Although, he thought the purple flowers(Iris) were also lilies….I forgave him coz I also adore Iris.Thank you for the lovely Valentine’s Surprise, darling! XOXO

Flowers-2Since we’re in a lovey dovey mood, I decided to bake some red red red red red Red Velvet cupcakes…It’s so red, I’m surprise I did not accidentally color my whole kitchen red! Here’re pictures of the super red batter. It’s so red, it could pass as a Behr paint I used to paint my bathroom wall!!

        RedVelvet      RedVelvet-1

The cake does look intimidating with it bold red color, but it’s so moist and goes well with the cream cheese frosting. Plus, it’s not that frequent that I have one of this devilish cake! I remember my first bite at a Red Velvet…it was in Disney World December 2001, more than 7 years ago….and unfortunately I don’t remember having another bite since!

Here are pictures of the red velvets fresh from the oven (left) and my piped chocolate hearts adorned with mini hearts for me to decorate the cupcakes later (right).

        RedVelvet-2      RedVelvet-4

I cut the original (which I’ll share later) recipe into half and it still yields me 12 cupcakes, plenty for husband and I, for my friends and for my next door neighbor. =)…… I decorated 2 for my neighbor and will decorate a couple more to bring over to the Smiths for Valentine’s Day!



Charlene n Kevin said...

My hubby also gave me flowers from Proflowers...I guess smart boys know where to get good flowers!!

Happy Valentines Day to you and Kelvin!!

Simply June said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!..... yes, smart boys think alike! Ur tulips are lovely!

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