Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just A Little Sprinkle….

of chopped cilantro, scallion, parsley, or etc is all you need to spice up the look of your dish! I always have a bunch of cilantro or scallion handy, chopping it up and adding it to my dish; giving it a little pop of color! I believe that one should put a little more effort in presentation and garnish especially after putting so much effort in making the dish…Pretty food would entice one to dig in immediately without having second thoughts! So, spend a couple more seconds to garnish your food and make it look prettier. This can be done simply by adding slices of citrus, sprinkles of herbs, dashes of spices, or if you’re feeling very creative, you could carve up a carrot or something! =P

Tonight was not our usual Tuesday night as husband decided to take a break from training / practicing with his tennis teammates. Therefore, I’m blogging from the comfort of my feather bed, tucked under my down comforter sharing with you what we had for dinner. I made Soy Sauce Pork Stew (with mushroom and egg), Stir-Fry Chinese Vege, and Fish Maw Soup. Dried Fish Maw is a Chinese delicacy and is usually served braised, stewed or as a soup. This is one of my favorite food although to some the thought of eating fish organs may be little gross….. You do need to add slices of ginger to remove the fishiness of the dried fish maw! And I always add some cilantro whenever I cook fish maw!

Soy Sauce Pork Fish Maw Soup

And since I have extra grounded roasted peanuts, I decided to make another Malaysian dessert / snack; Muah Chee. This is another common snack readily available from street vendors in Malaysia and is made from glutinous rice flour coated in grounded peanuts, and sugar. I will share recipe for this yummy and very filling dessert / snack later! Muah Chee

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