Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Gluttonous, Sinful Weekend

The summary of our round the clock, non-stop eating and other fun stuff! This gluttony really has to stop! Husband and I are going on a soupy diet this whole week!

Friday - Big bucket of KFC for dinner and hung out at Chris’s new loft. Made Durian Cheesecake at midnight.

Saturday – Made whole spread of brunch for 3 and shopped for 80s stuff with Seyda. Made fried Ravioli and husband made a pot of clam chowder for dinner. Durian Cheesecake was quite a success, as both Durian lovers and non-Durian lovers liked it. Painted Beantown Boston red, wearing 80s outfits from 9.30pm – 1.30am. Late night supper in Chinatown after that and getting home at 3.30am.

Sunday – Brunch/Lunch at a Cambodian Restaurant. Watched basketball on TV. Went for early buffet dinner – celebration of friend’s new born baby boy. Now, on bed feeling like a fat pig and filled with guilt for eating too much!

More detailed postings coming right up!****Burp*****

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