Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Please Pray

I just received a rather disturbing email from my ex-colleague Kathy, apparently my other ex-colleague, Carolyn is not doing very well. She has been fighting her cancer for about 6 years and she turned for the worse recently. Her cancer has spreaded everywhere and as I'm typing this email, she is on ventilation support she is too weak to breath on her own. =( . I am being told that doctors will be removing the ventilator this Friday and she will be forced to breath on her own. Her family thinks that she might not be able to survive on her own......Carolyn is in no pain right now as Morphine is being administrated.

It's very devastating to hear of such news especially when we're so close knit and are like family! I've known Carolyn for about 4 years and have worked with her day in and out for about more than 3 years. This is the second heartbreaking news I received regarding my "adopted family" in Illinois in less than 6 months, the first being the sudden passing of my dear boss back in September. May God bless his soul.

Please help me pray for Carolyn to victoriously fight another battle. If indeed she is too weak to survive this battle; let us pray that there be no struggle for her during her last moments.

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