Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello March!

We welcomed March with a lazy day enjoying our Sunday at our own slow-mo pace!. I served His Majesty (my husband) and I breakfast in bed this morning! How lucky,eh! I made some French Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Kielbasa Sausages and Coffee and brought it up to the room for both of us. I love making French Toasts from thick cut bread, such as Texas Toast and will also cut my own Italian Bread or French Loaf (like today) to make this toast! After cramming up with breakfast, we just lazed on the bed being “bed potatoes?”, watching movies and basketball game….. We never really left the bedroom! LOL! Well, the weather was supposed to be frightful with a snow storm coming our way! So, it was SAFER to stay in! HahaBreakfast The snow storm got “postponed” till later (NOW), and we might see up to 1 foot of snow by sunrise! Schools have announced closures due to the possible bad commute in the morning! We finally dragged ourselves out of the house for some Japanese dinner (food was mediocre), stopped by Borders to look at some books on dogs and accompanied His Majesty to the tennis courts! Got home, watched more movies / TV shows in the bedroom… That’s when His Majesty gave me the sympathetic “I’m Hungry” face..=P.. I made him supper in bed this time. Just a simple instant noodle with a poached egg! Twice in a day, he had the luxury of eating in the comfort of his bed!! Isn’t he LUCKY? Or should I say, “Am I nice or what?”. Husband dearest, will I be getting  a little blue box or a trip to Europe  kiss from you for treating you like a KING today? **wink**Haha!

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