Monday, February 2, 2009

Sears Buying Experience

After a couple days of delay and going to the Sears warehouse instead of the original store, we finally got our TVs. The script below show the aggravation we had to go through just to pick up our purchases. Eventhough we're now very happy with the action taken by the Store Manager, I decided to post this up since it was already in my draft; why waste it!

My friend Chris sent in a complaint letter to Sears HQ and after a few email exchanges; the Store Manager (John Hanley) personally called both Chris and us to inquire about the whole incident, apologized and even offered us a 10% off our purchases for the whole ordeal. I have to admit that we're thrilled with what Sears did to compensate for our grievances (discounts are always welcome) and of course the effort of the Store Manager to call us almost right away! I must say, Sears (unlike BestBuy) did prove to us that they are indeed "Dedicated To Provide A Superior Level Of Service!" THANK YOU SEARS, WE'LL BE BACK FOR MORE!!

The following incidents are actual experiences that transpired between Customer # 1 & 2 and SEARS....... I'm not trying to suggest anything, merely releasing my frustration dealing with incompetent employees.

Jan 18
Customer #1 : You're sure that TV will arrive on Jan 27 right? We don't want another Best Buy experience whereby we waited 3-4 weeks for a Washer & Dryer unit which we've paid for; and they never came!
Sears Employee #1 : Oh yeah, it will arrive on Jan 27. We are very good at delivering products; keeping to our dates.....won't be like Best buy.
Customer #1: OK, in that case - I'll get model x from you guys!
Customer #2: Yea, I'll get model y from you guys too. And for sure it will arrive Jan 27 if we place order today right?
Sears Employee #1: Yup!

Jan 26
Automated Calls to Customer #1 & 2, " Your shipment/merchandise is delayed and is expected to arrive Jan 29." Customer #1 called Sears, trying to get hold of the Electronics dept and got hung up on; TWICE as no one was avilable to answer the phone! Customer #1 finally got hold of General Customer Service

Customer #1 : I'm calling to check on the order XXXXXX.
GCS: It's showing, there will be a 2 days delay. Your merchandise will arrive on Jan 29.
Customer #1: Do you know why? Because we were guaranteed that it will not be delayed!
GCS: I'm sorry, I don't have that information. Let me transfer you to to someone in the Electronics dept to help you better.

Customer #1 again got hung up on, because no one in the Electronic dept care to pick up ringing phones! After trying 1-2 more times, finally got hold of someone.....

Customer #1: I'm calling to check on the status of order XXXXXX.
Sears Employee #2: Your order will arrive tomorrow, Jan 27.
Customer #1: Ok, well I just receive an automated call telling me that it's delayed for 2 days and will only arrive on Jan 29.
Sears Employee #2 : Oh, I'm not seeing that information. Your product should be here tomorrow. If not we will give you a call. Let me try to check your order on another system. Your order # again?
Customer #1: Order XXXXXX
Sears Employee #2: Yea, it's showing that it's 2 days delayed. The truck won't get here till Jan 29.
Customer #1: Ok, we've been promised that there will be no delay, that's why we got the TV from you guys. Now, are you sure it will arrive on Jan 29 , this time?
Sears Employee #2: Yea, I usually won't promised customer that. I don't know why the guy promised you a delivery of Jan 27. But, your merchandise should be here Jan 29. The first date Sears gives is usually off, and the new dates should be more accurate. If there's a delay again or if the merchandise is not in the store on Jan 29, we will give you a call.
Customer #1: Ok, then we'll see what happens! Hopefully no more delay!

Jan 28:
Customer #2: I'm calling to check on my order XXXXX.
Sears Employee #3: It will be here tomorrow, Jan 29.
Customer #2: You're sure right?
Sears Employee #3: Yes, if not we will give you a call! There's usually a 1-2 day delay window from the inital expected date!

Jan 29:
NO CALLS FROM SEARS to Customer #1 or Customer #2.............Yay! Merchandise must be here!!Customer #1 & 2 headed to Sears Merchandise Pick Up area, scanned the bar code, and waited.

Sears employee #4: Yea, your merchandise is still on the truck in Hudson , NH! We don't have your item! So you need to come back........etc..We'll call you when the merchandise gets into the store.

Customer #1 & 2 told the whole scenerio above to #4 and mentioned what a waste of time this was.

Sears employee #4: I don't know who told you that. Sears never calls to tell you that merchandise is delayed. We will ONLY call you to let you know merchandise is here and for you to pick up.

Customer # 1 & 2 stunned by yet another different answer. Requested for the manager - waited almost forever for the manager to show up. She actually showed up once, and somehow disappeared again. When she finally reappeared, she doesn't know what's going on...etc..etc....and has ZERO Customer service

Manager: I do apologize for the delay.There was a storm yesterday.....etc....etc.....
Customer #1 & 2: Yes, we know about the storm. But your employees have been telling us different stories and excuses everytime.

Somehow, Sears Employee #5 showed up and the Manager disappeared; vanished into thin air!**Poof** Like Magic! Haha....Customer #1& 2 again have retold the story and #5's answer was like #4's answers. By this time, unrelated Customer #3 who was also here to pick up his merchandise had called 30 minutes prior and was told to come pick it up. He was then told, his merchandise was in store, but not unloaded and will not be till Friday!!!!!!!

Sears Employee #5: The merchandise should be here tomorrow, since it's already in Hudson, NH - just a couple miles away. We will call you when the merchanise is here, unloaded and ready for you guys to pick up.
Customer #1 & 2: OK, what time will they call? It won't be 8-9pm at night, right? Coz customer #2 lives in RI. We've been clearing our schedule to anticipate the merchandise. Will you be here tomorrow?
Sears Employee #5: I can't guarantee what time they call, but it won't be 8-9pm at night... I won't be here tomorrow. #4 and manager will not be here too. Let me get a copy of your receipt, and I'll leave a note and try to have someone call you guys.
Customer #1 & 2: Ok......Is there a number that we can call to check up on the order? A direct line?
Sears Employee #5: Yup, here's the number xxx-xxx-xxx...

Customer #1 forgot what happens next, except leaving the store - FUMING! STRIKE ONE for SEARS!=P

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