Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eating Spree (Part One): Flushing, New York!

WARNING: The following post is not suitable for anyone who dislikes food or on a diet to lose weight!

Another backdated post…..Husband and I decided to go down to NYC for more food (as if we did not have enough from Valentine’s Night) on Sunday. This trip was semi-spontaneous and our mission was to hunt CHEAP FOOD…..Cheap Chinese Food, to be exact! Our first stop was to Flushing, NY - we’ve heard so much about this other Chinatown outside Manhattan and have never been there. We started our journey from MA at about 6.45 am and arrived in Flushing, NY at about 10am – exactly 3 hours 15 minutes; door to door with a 10 minutes pit stop for coffee.

We were greeted with surprisingly a good size Chinatown and in my opinion a lil’ less crowded than Manhattan’s Chinatown! In fact, it’s even better and bigger than Boston’s and Chicago’s Chinatown!NYC-1And our hunt for food began…..with a stop to get some Malaysian groceries located right in Flushing Mall….Then we walked around to find street vendors and the likes for some cheap eats and whatever that tempted us to part with our cash!!

We saw a old man selling skewers of traditional Chinese sweets (sweet and sour ones) in different candy coating and we had to get one to try! The candies are between $1-2. I’ve yet to actually try the one I picked and will do so, later… NYC-2Besides that, we also bought 4 skewers of “Ka Li Yee Dan” (Curry Fishball) – about 5 fishballs on a bamboo stick for $1 each……..2 skewers of BBQ chicken….also for $1 each! I’m telling you…this is seriously cheap eats!!My absolute favorite was this Peking Duck (sliced Peking duck stuffed between steamed bun/pancake) for $1each….We bought 2 to try and it was so delicious that we came back for another 2 more!!!!….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys to try this cheap eat $1 Peking Duck from Corner 28 a try when you’re in Flushing NY! Here’s the address (since they don’t have a website): 40-28 Main Street, Flushing, NY, 11355. I’m feeling HUNGRY looking at these Peking Duck pictures and the thought of devouring them yesterday!


After this round of eating, we took the train (which is about an hour’s ride) into Manhattan…..for eating round two! =)…and I’ll post more on that on separate post…

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