Saturday, February 14, 2009

V For Valentine… “Vonderful” Valentine..

Sorry for my 2 days’ of absence from the world of blogging! Been so busy for the weekend between Valentine’s dinner and NYC Eating Spree…..I’ve finally found some time to do some blogging and will therefore backdate 2 posts…..starting with our lovely Valentine’s Day!V-DayWe hung out at the Smith’s Residence after a Dim Sum affair in Chinatown……Chillin’ and drinkin’ Lychee Martini on a lazy Saturday afternoon while waiting for Rob to finish work and start grocery shopping with Kelvin(my other half). Both Seyda and I insisted that we tag along to help them shop in an attempt to find out what they are cooking and well also to give the two amateurs some shopping advice, as needed! Hehe!!

Once we got home, we insisted that we should help them again; in the kitchen! We volunteered (and were very persistent) to be their Sous Chefs, Dishwashers…..something……a reason to stay in the kitchen just to spy on them and also to make sure they don’t spend the whole night cooking……After some non-stop persuasions, the boys allowed us to stay in the kitchen and help out a little….cutting some vegetables (while drinkin’ more Lychee Martini), cleaning dishes and also be their “Kitchen / Cooking Consultants” giving some helpful cooking/kitchen tips! V-Day-2 I AM PROUD TO SAY…….THESE TWO BOYS ARE KEEPERS!!!! They split 4 dishes between them; each taking up 2 dishes to cook and the end results were amazingly delicious!! Both Seyda and I were astonished, overwhelmed, surprised, speechless, etc etc with their culinary skills!! Well, let me share with you a couple more pictures of the fun time we had on V-Day!

V-Day-4 V-Day-8

Well, you must be curious what we had for dinner…….Here are more pictures to tickle your curiosity and some explanations to give you sense on what you’re looking at! =P

Left: Dinner Setting for the Night….Seyda helped the boys to arrange place settings for everyone!

Right: Rob made yummy Taramasala Dip (with Bread and Celery). I had a hard time trying to pronounce this Greek Dip..=P….It sounded like a tongue twister! I learned a new dish tonight! Yums!

V-Day-5 V-Day-6

Left: Can you say CHOW-DAH????? Husband made Clam Chow-Dah!!!You read it right, he made Clam Chow-Dah from scratch..using fresh juicy clams! Move aside Legal Seafood and Campbell Soup……There’s a new Clam Chowder Connoisseur in town!!!! Next time, all I need to do is butter up to my hubby whenever I want Clam Chowder.

Right: Baked Haddock with Wild Mushroom Marsala Sauce, served over a bed of home made Rice Pilaf and boiled Brussel Sprouts. Another yummy dish by the husband.….Rob and Kelvin came up with the presentation of this dish……..Seyda and I honestly had no idea how to plate this one! Kudos to them!

V-Day-7 V-Day-9

Last, but not least……..Baked Cheesecake (by Rob and all from scratch)…..There was so much cheese in it, but surprisingly the taste were quite mild – I like! I’m not a big fan of Cheese in dessert, but this…I took home for seconds!! Hehe…
What do you think? Don’t you think the two husbands did an excellent job preparing their wives Valentine’s Dinner? Both Seyda and I thought they did a terrific job cooking dinner from scratch, (for a change) and suggested that they cook for us once a month…..This idea somehow got shutdown by the husbands – quite quickly! =P..

So, how was your Valentine’s Day…..if I may ask?


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