Monday, February 23, 2009

Shopping, Cooking Dinner And A 80s Party….

After our little brunch party, Seyda accompanied me to shop for some accessories needed to complete my 80s look for the party at night. I wasn’t sure what I was able to buy with a budget of $20, but I think I did pretty well! The best deals were a gold tote bag and sort of matching gold belt from Express for less than $8!! Those two items originally would have cost $20 and $50 each! That was one heck of a bargain! hehe! The rest of my $20 were spent on Pink / Fuschia fashion jewelries from Claires. 

When we got back, husband decided to attempt another round of New England Clam Chowder for dinner! All 3 of us went grocery shopping for ingredients to make dinner and worked together to prepare chowdah and fried ravioli to feed 7 people! Husband and I are happy with this batch of clam chowder, however we agreed that there’re still room for improvement! I don’t think we’ll see an end to the New England Clam Chowder in this household! =). No picture of the clam chowder, but I did take a snapshot of the Fried Ravioli – an easy recipe from Giada De Laurentiis from Food Network.Fried Ravioli After filling up with soup, raviolis and durian cheesecake, we got dressed and accessorized for the 80s themed birthday party in Boston! It was my first time going and participating in a themed party (besides Halloween), and it was very enthralling to see almost everyone dressed up in something from the 80s. Some went all out,and some a just a little… Nevertheless, it was really intriguing to see bursts of BRIGHT colors, all in the same room! Party started at the birthday boy’s place, a real bachelor’s pad with a basement filled with different entertainment and continuous flow of beer. Guests were either playing pool, drinking, playing beer pong or huddled in their own groups – chatting.80s Party-2The party later continued at a bar/ restaurant /club called Johnnie’s On The Side. All of us walked around town, crossed streets in vibrant 80s outfits and funky hairdos..=P…We indeed stopped traffic and painted Beantown red! =)….

80s Party       80s Party-1

Left the group a little earlier to get some late night supper in Chinatown. We ordered so much food and still managed to cleaned the plate….got home at 3.30am feeling that I just ate a whole whale (or was it just me?)…=P

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