Thursday, February 19, 2009

Noodles & Orzo – Yesterday & Today

Lazy to hit the local grocer, I’ve been semi-stretching my resources since I ran out of fresh vegetables and have very limited meat although abundant seafood. I prefer to serve both some vegetables and meat for each meal, you know doing the balance thing with vitamins, protein…yadi yada.. I think I succeeded in avoiding the grocery store this week, since the weekend is here and we’re going to eat out tomorrow onwards. Although, I actually need to make a run to an Asian grocery store for some DURIAN, to make Durian Cheesecake!!!!=P

Last night, I made some Asian Noodles using whatever I have in my fridge, freezer and pantry. I cooked some dried Asian noodles (made from Soybean) that looked like fettuccine along with a chicken leg (the last piece of meat in my freezer) and some Shitake Mushrooms. Also made some wonton filled with frozen fish paste and chopped scallions, then cooked it in boiling water. Sauce for the noodle was rather simple as it’s just a mixture of garlic oil (with fried garlic), sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper and some boiling water. Right before serving, I tossed the noodle in the sauce, topped it up with shredded chicken and sliced mushroom, threw in some cooked wontons, and finally sprinkled some chopped scallions and bits of toasted sesame. The result…complete satisfaction! =)NoodlesTonight’s dinner is something I would like to call “East Meets West” with Malaysian Curry Fish served on a bed of garlic Orzo. I cooked some garlic butter Orzo and added some frozen vegetables mix. Then I added a pan fried Salmon steak (cut into half) into a pan of simmering Malaysian (Indian curry) and finished it up with COCONUT MILK…hehe! The Malaysia (Indian) Curry was a store bought (A1 brand) paste which I always have handy in my pantry. =) Another easy yummy dinner!


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