Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!


The Most Special Day

Mom,Your birthday is
the most special day of the year,
because without you I wouldn’t have
the all encompassing comfort
of a mother’s unconditional love…
your love, for me
You are always there for me, Mom.
Whenever I need you,
to cheer me up, make me smile,
bolster my confidence,
or sympathize with me and ease my worries,
you fill up my empty, hurting places
with your boundless affection.
Your loving presence in my life
gives me a reassuring feeling
of security and peace.
Thank you, Mom,
and Happy Birthday!

By Joanna Fuchs


I called mom to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and started singing her the Birthday Song when she picked up the phone… I stopped after the first verse (Happy Birthday To You…)..thinking she got the message, only to have Mom say… “and then?”.. and prompted me to finish the song. So husband and I continued and did a small duet (over the phone) to finish the whole Birthday Song…for my special Momma…. =)…..Mom was at the market when I called, and so I teased her about wanting to hear the whole Birthday Song even though she was in the midst of shopping.… Ain’t my mom cute?

Happy Birthday, Mom! XOXO

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