Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello February!

What a way to start February with my whole day packed with different agendas......and my day starting between 3.30 - 4.00am when husband and I dreadfully dragged ourselves out of bed, down into the living room. WE ARE VERY VERY DETERMINED TO WATCH THE AUSSIE OPEN FINALS, a match between 2 of the best players and rivals in the world of tennis; Roger Federer VS Rafael Nadal .............. Game was needless to say A-W-E-S-O-M-E but unfortunately, my dear Federer lost to Nadal in 5 sets after more than 4 hours of playing! Kudos to Nadal for putting up a sensational performance and game! I got all teary eyed during the trophy presentation when Federer was weeping and choking up; it was so emotional, so heartbreaking to see him so dolorous! =( BooHoo!! With this lost, hopefully he will focus on trying to win the French Open on clay courts next - something Federer hasn't been able to do as Nadal is VERY dominant on Clay Courts! Well, husband (altho I caught him with his eyes shut sooooo many times) and I witnessed the whole thing on TV over 1-2 cuppa "Malaysian Joe".......... I started multi-tasking halfway thru the match, making my mini sandwich bites (for Chris' Super Bowl Party) while watching the nail biting Aussie Open Finals!It was probably 8-ish in the the morning when the whole excitement was over. We took about 90 minutes worth of valuable quick nap before getting ready for agenda #2 - to the Smith's residence for some live soccer match on TV - Liverpool VS Chelsea (not Man U as hubby said and I blogged!!). Should have stayed home a sleep a little longer! Well, I guess it wasn't that bad since Seyda made us some yummilicious egg panini for brunch!

After the soccer match, we headed down to RI for the Super Bowl Party (Agenda #3) and I brought my Mini Smoked Salmon Bites and Mini Vegetarian Bites adorned with "Football" picks!
I wasn't very into this year's Super Bowl as the home team; New England Patriots and my other favorite team; Chicago Bears are not in the finals ......... So, I was at the party basically for food/drinks and hoping I win some money from the Super Bowl squares (no luck this year)......... I just sat at the table where all the food were within my reach and kept popping them into my mouth, washing every other mouthful down with ice cold beer! Ohhhhhh...... I tried a shot of Honey Dew flavored Vodka ..... it was so refreshingly delicious, I could just down the whole bottle if I have not known the alcohol content! =) Need to get my hands on a bottle of those next time!! I'm feeling soooo guilty right now for gobbling down everything in sight earlier! Serves me right for having no control whenever I see FOOD! By the way, sorry for the lack of pictures from the party - as I said....I was way to busy eating!! Aaaaah well, just need to skip lunches for the next 5 days!

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