Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Surprise Baby Shower

A couple months ago, a few friends and I got involved in planning a surprise baby shower for our S. T and I was in charge of the dessert station, games and some deco. Both of us were semi clueless but we were very excited to be involved in this surprise. After weeks of hard work, secret meetings, decoys, white lies, etc ( you name it) we successfully pulled off a surprise baby shower for S. Boy were we glad to be able to stop lying to our friend!! =). Our friends who graciously let us use their property (and who also co-hosted the baby shower) did a wonderful job with the table settings, food, drinks and decorations!

I'm very proud of this dessert table that we put together! I think the diaper cake makes a very nice center piece (though it's the only thing which was not edible!!)

The diaper cake center piece, made from diapers, faux gerbera daisies, ribbons and of course a handy dandy glue gun.

We spent a couple hours making party favors; Chocolate covered Pretzel sticks. The "chocolate" here is Wilton's Candy Melts. We filled each bag with 4 pretzel sticks, and tie a homemade thank you tag to it. Each guest takes one at the end of the party.

We also created a little baby prediction tree with prediction cards for each guest to fill and guess the baby's arrival date, time, length,weight, etc.

For desserts; 3 types so that everyone can hopefully find at least one that they like. A very rich Black Magic Chocolate Cake with cream cheese frosting which was a big hit with the guests. A tangy refreshing Lemon Bar and a light and yummy Eclair. We used the choux pastry recipe from my profiterole recipe, filled it with Jello Vanilla Pudding (from the box - mix per instructions) which is now my favorite go to for a pastry cream substitute, and a dark velvety chocolate glaze.

I did a mini (Black Magic) cake which unfortunately this is not my best work but was a great hit. The mini cake was fudge like, while the cupcakes was light. The texture is so different that it's hard to believe they are of the same recipe!

Now that we have some experience planning a baby shower, we're ready for more parties!

PS: We got most of our ideas from my Pinterest board!

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