Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Breakfast For Dinner

Have you ever had breakfast for dinner or supper? It’s not uncommon for me to do so and tonite was one of the breakfast for dinner night – Omelette (with home fries) to be exact. Not really the healthiest omelette with all the eggs, butter, whole cheese, whole milk and Kielbasa Sausages…..but I did try to balance it out with lots of vege - onion, chopped spinach and tomatoes…=)…. I was a little ambitious trying to make this omelette using 3 eggs per omellete / per person! 3 eggs in each omellete proved a little too much after all the ingredients were added in and I had to cut the omellete into half to share. Made another batch of 3 eggs omelette since I already have the ingredients prepared and kept the uneaten portion for breakfast tomorrow .=)

Omelette-1 Omelette

And since we’re talking dinner…….last night I requested my husband to make dinner since he did so well cooking Valentine’s Day dinner…..=P….I told him that I wanna eat scallops with Rum Mushroom sauce! =)..It was a semi combine effort but hubby did most of the cooking….All I did was cut up some mushroom and pan seared scallops. Quite a fancy dinner with Pan Seared Scallops & Rum Mushroom Sauce served on a bed of Rice Pilaf…..yummy..yummy…I’m happy!

Dinner-8For dessert, I made some Strawberry Compote to serve with Rob’s Cheesecake from V-Day!. To top things up, we even had some bubbly Champagne! Just perfect!


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