Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Hidden Treasure : New China Pearl

New China Pearl is one of our favorite Dim Sum (Dim Sum reminds me of Spanish Tapas, as portions are small/appertizer size and maybe warm or cold) place that we'll go on the weekends with friends, or just the two of us. Both of us love this place as it does offer yummy quality Dim Sum and it's away from all the madness in Chinatown. We hate fighting for parking spots and also a little cheap to pay $10-15 for parking; just to eat Dim Sum!! This location is about 25-30 minutes from our place, in comparison to Chinatown which is about 40 minutes away.
This quaint little restaurant near the Woburn Mall, has somewhat the architecture of a Chinese Temple or Palace! =) . There are also Chinese Wooden Carvings that filled the main dining room giving it a more authentic feel of the Far East. Dim Sum Ladies will be pushing carts filled with various fresh Dim Sums around the dining area for the customers to pick whatever they fancy! Here're some pictures of our little feast last Saturday:
Their "Tau Foo Fah" (soy bean pudding) came in a large insulated bucket (also pushed around on a cart by one of the Dim Sum ladies) and is only "scooped up" when you order it to ensure that it's warm!
Service is not that bad, although price might be a wee bit more than eating in Chinatown; I still think it's worth dining here!! Give it a try and let me know what you think! =)
Notes: The best time to get here is between 11-11.30am (on weekends) to avoid the crowd and to get a parking spot in the property. If the lot is full, just park over at the mall next to it and walk over! A little exercise won't kill! =P . If you're not a Dim Sum person, the restaurant does offer regular Chinese Menu; I've yet to try anything other than Dim Sum though!

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