Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yummy Surprise

Husband came home to find a little nice surprise at the door step today; Fedex had left a huge package and in it was a huge wicker basket filled with various delicious gourmet food. We got all excited we forgot to take pictures of the yummy surprise; gourmet cheese, crackers...etc..etc..It would be perfect if there was a bottle of wine that came with it... Hehe! Apparently, the gift basket was a X'mas gift (from his current employer) - I know Christmas was more than 30 days ago, but husband did not really start work till mid of January although he signed the contract around end of December! It's the thoughts that counts and I'm loving his new company as they make every effort to make sure that the employees are taken care of properly and all they need to do is work & concentrate on their projects! And anyone that gives husband and I food ... I Like!!**grin**

I am blogging from the tennis courts again on another snowy day! Rain or shine, husband will be there to practise with his teammates. =).
Well, for dinner I had a little switcheroo from our regular rice/asian dinner; need to have some variation to our weekly dinner menu!! I roasted some chicken legs, marinated with some lemon, herbs and truffle oil. The white truffle oil is a little pricey ($6 or 8 for a tiny bottle), but it's soooo good..... It even makes beef (which I don't usually take) taste yummy, and not beefy...hehe! Roasted some red skin potatoes and boiled some brussel sprouts to complete the whole meal ...

Saving the best for last, we had a small portion of "Tau Foo Fah" (soy bean pudding) served with ginger flavored syrup each that we "Ta Pau-ed" (ordered to go) from the Dim Sum place last Saturday. I will need to attempt to make my own "Tau Foo Fah" one day and serve it with some "Malaysian Gula Melaka" (Black Palm Sugar) / "Black Syrup" which I find a little more flavorful....... My brother's GF, Wan Qi gave me the recipe as well as the pudding cuddling powder recently.....and I have the soy beans at home.....so I would just need to find time to do all the hardwork and to make "Tau Foo Fah" from scratch!!

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