Monday, February 9, 2009

A Simple Celebration Of Love

IMG_0054And it all happened at The Cheesecake Factory. We decided to go for a low-key dinner and make do without fancy gifts for each other (since the household has seen 3 new gadgets in the house in less than 1 month).

We ordered an order of Fire Cracker Salmon Roll (below) to start and to share. It was really good, though I choked at my first bite of it as I did not expect the little kick of pepper flakes(I think). The name “Fire Cracker” should have gave this silly goose a little hint on what to expect!! The dipping sauce that came with the roll was delicious. My only comment for was that they could do better with the presentation of this dish. It looked a little sloppy in my opinion! CheesecakeFactoryFor entree, I ordered my usual favorite which I have been longing to have; Miso Salmon (left) while husband ordered a Seafood Jambalaya Pasta (right). We both enjoyed what we ordered and I liked how mine was presented =). We wanted to only eat half and save the other but ended cleaning the plate, leaving no room for any cheesecake! BooHoo! Oh well, there’s always next time! Happy Anniversary....


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