Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Skied The Black Trails And…….

I did not come tumbling down the hill like a big snowball! I’m seriously so proud of myself having skied down the black trails (most difficult) FOUR FREAKING TIMES and DID NOT FALL once!! =). My husband managed to persuade me to give the Black Trails a try and I’m glad I did. The adrenaline rush I get going down at he black trails at the mountains was so much FUN! I’ve never skied in black trails prior to this, but the Black Trails @ Wachusett Mountains weren’t as tough as the other mountains I’ve been too. This was my first time to this mountain, and I thought it wasn’t that bad, a little smaller but nearer to my house.


Oh yeah, before I continue posting pictures and blogging about my weekend…..pardon me please if this post turn out a little weird or funky. =). I’m using Windows Live Writer to compose this entry as if offers different cool features that I thought would be worth trying! =)


It was a warm Sunday and we woke up early to hit the slopes. It was kind of tough to wake up at 7 am, since we only went to bed at about 1.30 –2 am. So we met one of our regular hang out buddies; The Smiths for some fun in the snow! We wanted to start skiing/snowboarding early to avoid the crowd, and I’m glad we did as planned. We were done skiing/snowboarding at about 12.30 (bought half day tickets) and it was getting very crowded. For those of you who are AAA members, you guys can receive up to $16 off you lift ticket and rentals!! =). The trails here are pretty tame; the green trails were way too easy for me – I couldn’t pick up enough speed to ski down the hill – FAST! It’s a great place for beginners to get used to the slopes or learn how to ski and snowboard. Trails were well-groomed and conditions were not icy! =)


After skiing/snowboarding in the mountains for more than 3 hours, we headed for some hearty brunch at a nearby diner (Bickfords Restaurant )……where I ordered a yummy favorite; Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict

I think using this Windows Live Writer is using a little more of my time…….as I’m having way too much fun manipulating the layouts and pictures for this entry…Oh well…….=)….


Mrs. Green said...

can i visit you so we can go skiing please? :o)

maybe when kyle goes skiing in colorado next month with his family, i can go visit you instead!!!

oooo imagine all the meals we'd make in your kitchen. HAHAHAHA.

Simply June said...

oohhhh.. come come........... we go skiing..=P......and COOK!

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