Sunday, January 18, 2009

The UN Reunites...................

...............over dinner, bowling, beer and pool!

Yesterday, 9 of us (from 7 different countries) met up for a little catching up that was way past due! It was a nice little affair with some friends we've not seen for a couple months enjoying good food, great company and fun entertainment!

So, we started our affair with dinner at Pho 88, one of my favorite Vietnamese Restaurant for dinner. Ordered some Shrimp Goi Coan (Fresh Spring Rolls) to share and had our own entree of choice after that. I ordered the Bun Tom Thit Nuong Cha Gio (Steamed rice vermicelli with shrimp, pork, fried spring rolls, and the whole works), which reminded me of salad, Asian Salad!
Once we filled up our tummies, we headed to Brunswick Zone for some bowling! Most of us are just amateur bowlers and occasionally will get a stoke of luck and hit a strike(or two)! yours truly scored 109 for the first game and 104 for the second...........The score was kinda embarassing, since my dad was and still is a very good bowler, and I used to hang out at the Bowling Lanes at least once a week when my dad played in his leagues!!! But hey, at least I had fun, right??!!And we continued our fun time at The Brewery Exchange for a couple rounds of beer, foosball, and pool!! It was fun catching up with everyone, although we actually see most of them once a week or so. =)

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