Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Buy = Never In Stock!!

That's the definition of BestBuy! Haha! Have you ever run into this problem with BestBuy? I don't understand why BestBuy would advertise something in their flyer and NEVER have them in stock? I guess, it's just my luck!!

Well, tonight was one of the "not in stock" nights again.....husband wanted to get a laptop featured/advertised on their flyer, and this was the second time we were at the same location! Last Sunday, we were at this BestBuy location in NH and asked about 2 items; a Samsung LCD TV which their advertised and printed "Minimum 2 per store" and a Dell Laptop also advertised in the same flyer.........Both "Sorry, No Stock" situation. The TV, we've happily bought it from Sears which will arrive next week and I'm crossing my fingers real hard they won't disappoint me. As for the laptop, we asked one of the BestBuy employees about the availablity and that incompetent fella happily said for us to come in on Thursday night (which is tonight) and that they have 20 units coming in! So, we came in tonight.....spoke to another INCOMPETENT employee who told me that the laptop shipment is still on the truck which will unload later!!!! My husband went to ask another associate, who was by far the most helpful guy as he keyed in the SKU and told us that there aren't any in stock, in truck or enroute in the next shipment!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to him and his help! What a waste of time and gas to drive 15 minutes up there, because we were put on hold forever on the phone when we tried to call and check on stock!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not just irked by this incident......I had another painful experience with BestBuy. I bought a Washer and Dryer for my new home about 2 years ago through their online website. The credit card charge was immediate, the stock NEVER arrive!! The scheduled shipment never made it, nobody knew anything, communication between the online store and the dispatch store was ZILCH, I was put on hold forever.......etc etc......They eventually credited my credit card......but I think I wasted 2-3 weeks of my time trying to "find" my washer & dryer!

Now, I'm quite hesitant to buy things through BestBuy.Com and the retail store itself. I now rather go to other online (i.e. (i.e Sears)stores to get what I need, and BestBuy is my very very very last resort!

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