Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Lo Mai Kai" Night

Tuesday night is Tennis Night and I am currently blogging from the balcony over looking 5 indoor tennis courts, semi watching my hubby practise tennis with his teammates...and semi blogging!! =) ... Husband and I play tennis, but he is an avid tennis player and hangs out at the tennis courts more than I do! He belongs to a club and plays tennis every Tuesday with his teammates and plays in a Tennis League almost every Satuday. Occasionally, he will play with his other tennis buddies and sometimes plays up to 4-5 times a week, especially during the summer...when outdoor courts are availabe......FREE!!...Some people say they will sing for food, my husband will travel (or sell his wife??=P) for tennis!! Most of the time, I'll be tagging along and watching him play, and cheering for him or his team to win!!

Anyway, I made "Lo Mai Kai" (Steamed Sticky/Glutinous Rice With Chicken) for dinner tonight and steamed it in a bowl. "Lo Mai Kai" or sometimes more commonly called "Hor Yip Fan" (Lotus Wrapped Sticky Rice) can easily be found at DimSum places, and are steamed & wrapped in lotus leaves. Husband loves to order this when we go Dim Sum, occasionally unable to find someone to share it with him as one order comes in 2 packets....as I rather indulge in "Har Gow" or "Siu Mai"...=)

My "Lo Mai Kai" had the regular ingredients, chicken, black mushroom, chinese sausage and of course glutinous rice! =).... It came out wonderful; steamy, sticky and fragrant! Hubby and I were happy campers...eating the "Lo Mai Kai" quickly and washing it down with some chinese herbal soup!

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