Monday, January 19, 2009

"Tu Kah Teh" Dinner

I did not have any "Bak Kut" (Pork Ribs), yet husband and I crave for some "Bak Kut Teh" (Pork Ribs Tea Stew?).............So, I decided to be creative and used the "Tu Kah" (Pork Hocks) I had in the freezer and cook my version of Bak Kut Teh! It's awesome to have some hot steamy herbal meat soup during winter, cooked in a claypot! Yes, I was trying to be as authentic as I can, cooking my "Tu Kah Teh" in a claypot! In future, I would need to cook the "Tu Kah" a little longer (only cooked it for about 1 hour), as the meat was not as tender as the regular "Bak Kut".......I think, if I were to cook it in a pressure cooker, it might shorten the cooking time and tenderize the meat at the same time! Nevertheless, my "Tu Kah Teh" was still yummy good ................ minus the "Yew Char Koay" that I lacked!Also cooked up a plate of sitr-fry green cabbage and white rice. We need to have a balance meal right.......protein, vitamin and carbs?? And of course, we opened a bottle of Shiraz to enjoy the meal with! My husband & I thought that the wine selection tonite was was a pretty smooth wine and we both enjoyed it with our meal!

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