Thursday, January 29, 2009

FeDex Cruises Into The FINALS!

WooHoo!! Roger Federer earned his spot in the Finals of the Aussie Open after beating Andy Roddick! I was happy that I sacrificed my beauty sleep to watch Federer win that match! OK, I ended up going to bed at 2.30am, coz my eyes were getting heavier and heavier; I doubt I can last the whole match if I don't catch some shut eye. I caught about 2 hours of sleep, crawled out of bed and groggily scrambled for the remote to turn on the TV! Roger won, the first set and has started playing the 2nd set. It was pretty entertaining watching Andy Roddick cracking up a joke or two and made the crowd laugh! Roger Federer on the other hand was very focused, very composed and delivered what he came to do! =) Both guys played very well, but I guess Roger wanted the win a little more =P. So, we'll see who advances into the other Final's spot; Verdesco VS Nadal - my money's on Nadal; he's been playing acceptionally well lately and it will be a huge upset if Verdesco kicks his ass!!!! If indeed it's Nadal in the Finals, that means Federer would need to step it up 200% to claim his 14th Gand Slam title, matching Pete Sampras! The match ended at about 6 am, husband and I took a quick 30 minutes "nap" before he has to get up for work, while I prepare him breakfast and hit the sack again!!!

Anyway, remember I blogged about my WON (Work Out Night)....?? This morning I woke up feeling achy... feeling sore....especially around my abs and waist!......Must be tha hula-hoops game that husband and I was doing on the Wii FIT!! I think my arms will be achy breaky tomorrow............. I spent like 15-20 minutes cleaning snow off my car! Yup, it snowed then rained last night and my car ended up with about 4-5 inches of snow on it. The worst part is the "top coat" was ice.... So, I had to break the top coating of ice first before removing the snow under it! It was a good exercise for me to build some biceps and triceps!!!

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