Sunday, January 25, 2009

Storm's Over, Clean Up Later...=)

CNY Party's Over...Our last guest left at about midnight, after rounds of food/drinks and fun time with Wii. Both husband and I are not going to clean anything today, just putting left over food away and will clean up later. Lots of leftover booze as we requested our guests to BYOB even though we did supply them, and wear a red clothing. Our guests were very cooperative to wear red clothing as requested by us! It was a whole lot of red!!

Right now, we're chilling in front of the TV watching Australian Open....I'm rooting for Roger Federer to stay in the game and move forward to the next round!And he WON!!!!!

Here are some pictures from our CNY Party. It's a CNY custom for married couples to give younger single people, AngPow (Red Packets, filled with money). We decided to give out some Angpows, filled with Scratch Tickets to all our guests! It's all about the fun and the experience!
Gaudy CNY decorations greet guests upon entering our pad....
More gaudy CNY decorations near our pantry........If only you could hear the loud CNY music in the background!!Chinese New Year cookies and snacks, mostly homemade by myself and by my mother-in-law. My husband hand carried 2 cookies his mom made across the world, Malaysia to US.=)
Some of the food we had at the party...
And my pineapple roll made an appearance too....
Homemade Yee Sang. It was indeed worth all the tedious work of ingredient hunting and cutting!!.....My guests had fun "tossing" the Yee Sang and also enjoyed eating it..
Adding the Smoked Salmon pieces before the grand group toss. Yee Sang is usually served with Raw Fish. "Food Fight" with the Yee Sang.... It was thrown everywhere!
"Pie Tee". This reminds me of a mini bite size Taco salad. The filling however is sauteed jicama, carrots and mushrooms. The shell is made from rice & plain flour. It's serve with chili sauce and fried scallions. My mom, made these shells in Malaysia and husband "delivered" them! I wanted to make spring rolls, using the same filling but the Iron Chef's timer was out!!
Pan Fried Seafood Dumpling and Shrimp Pancake
Fried (Longevity) Noodles? Haha... I also made Shrimp Fried Rice but forgot to take a picture of it =(
Steam Baby BokChoy with Mushroom Sauce
Belacan Chicken....................
Curry Leaf Shrimp. This came out a little wet than expected. It was crispy and dry when I stuck it in the warmer, though! Was disappointed with this!
And for dessert, there's a Honey Melon "Sai Mai Lo". Basically contains Tapioca (Sago), Honey Melon, Evaporated Milk and Syrup!
Another dessert, Lychee & Rose Jelly
And that's it!!

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