Monday, January 26, 2009

Mini Pork Floss Rolls

This is a very very very addictive savory CNY snack! We used to make this at my grandpa's house many years ago, but have stopped making them since. All the ladies in the family and cousins will gather at a dining table chit-chatting and catching up with each other (since we only meet during CNY) while the hands are busy making these mini spring rolls filled with meat floss (dried seasoned meat). It's very time consuming to make as these are very delicate snacks, therefore it's best to gather up a few buddies to make it together!

I made some prior to Chinese New Year to snack on and sent some to my brother! All you would need to make this yummy snack are spring roll skin, "edible glue" (I used flour mixture, you can use egg to seal the rolls), pork or chicken floss, oil to deep fry and lots of PATIENCE! I made this while watching tv and it took me about 2 hours to finish a small container of meat floss!

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