Thursday, January 29, 2009

Customer Service......The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

This like my 3rd posting for the day, must be a record! =).. I was out running some errands, doing some light shopping and some window shopping at the mall and at some retail stores. The mall was very empty since X'mas is over and with the bad economy, everyone is probably holding on to their money-tightly.

Today, I experienced customer service at its best and worst.......and therefore penning down my compliments and frustrations!!!!. The 2 stores that made my day were Lacoste & Tifffany in Natick Collection. The Lacoste store associate was very friendly and helpful even though I was just doing an exchange. As for Tiffany's (I love to shop at the Natick branch, as the associates are a little nicer and not as snobby as the ones in Copley Plaza!!), I went and got a silver chain from T & Co., and also had something cleaned, FREE!! Once again, excellent service from Tiffany's........That's why, I'll always Return To Tiffany ( Well, except for the KLCC branch where the guy will FIRST judge you by the way you dress up, and will only treat you nicely after they know you are a customer or have own something from Tiffany's!!!!!)...Tadaa.....matching silver chain for the Candy Cane charm!! I will wear it to Chris's Annual Rhode Island Super Bowl Party!!
Now, to about my not-so-pleasant shopping experience ..... Apparently, pre-paying stuff with Sears is almost as bad as shopping at Best Buy! We'll see how long we have to wait with Sears! Surprise, surprise....... our "promised" goods did not make it today, eventhough it was supposed to arrive 2 days ago!!!! With all their excuses, incompetent employees and lousy MANAGER who do not seem to know how to do their jobs - they really REALLY frustrate me!!! Thanks to all these overpromise and undeliver companies, I now shudder at the thought of pre-paying at the store and waiting for my goodies to arrive!!!! I shall share more on my disappointing experience with Sears, once my pre-paid for merchandise arrives!

After leaving Sears empty handed, we headed over to the now closing Circuit City and spotted some Wii accesories......... They are at 30% off........we did do a quick research on before buying them to make sure we're getting the best of deals!

That's a brief story of my shopping experience.........I leave you with tonite's dinner =). "Bak Kut Teh" served with Fried Dough and a plate of Stir-Fry Baby Bok Choy...... No more tough chewy "Tu Kah Teh" ...Mmmmmmm Yumminess!!! Time to turn on my Wii, and burn off some "Bak Kut Teh" dinner off my waistline!!

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