Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day.....Wii Day!

With husband's new job, he has the flexiblity to work from home during a Snow Day or whenever the weather is inclement! It'll be snowing all day today and expected to only get worst after lunch till about of course when regular office hours end! Apparently, everyone in his office will be doing the same since travelling to and from work will be a pain and dangerous!

While hubby is hard at work right now, I am staring at ..............To open or not to open.........To open or not to open..........Yup, we got it! Hubby got 2 sets of the Wii and Wii Fit; one for us and the other one for our friend, Chuck. We checked around a couple stores in RI and in NH on Monday but they were all out of stock. Since the Wii and Wii Fit are very hot items, they are often sold out - quickly! Husband was having lunch yesterday and decided to stop by a Game store and saw the sign "Wii In Stock". It's true; they just got their Wii & Wii Fit stock and they're already selling like hot cakes. In 5-10 minutes; between calling me and our friend Chuck, hubby claimed that 4-5 units of the Wii Fit was already taken - mostly by ladies in theirs 40s or so. I was still hesitating if we should get it.....but husband made up my mind for me and got it before it's too late. Well, if in fact I do not want it, we do have 30 days to return unopened product with the original receipt!

Well, I guess they are not going back to the store. I've decided to open it later, after hubby finishes up his work! I anticipate that I'll never ever hit the gym again!! Why hit the gym when I have the technology of the Wii to MAKE ME FIT in the comfort of my home?? My friend in the West Coast just bought a Wii Fit as well ............. Adeline, let's get FIT together-virtually!

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