Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY Party Checklist

CNY Party Checklist:
  • Gaudy CNY decorations - Check!
  • Loud festive CNY songs that most guests cannot comprehend - Check!
  • Supply of cookies! - Check!
  • Plenty of food & drinks - Check!
  • Guests RSVPs - Check!
  • Energy to make all these happen - Check!

Husband and I are organizing a CNY Dinner Party tomorrow night instead of Sunday night so that everyone can enjoy drinking and hang out later into the night.

I've been doing grocery shopping for 2 days, running from one store to another to get the stuff I need for my planned CNY Dinner Menu! I'm glad where we live, Asian grocery stores as well as the regular grocery stores are within 5-15 minutes drive. We do not need to head down to Chinatown to get our Asian grocery!

I made more pineapple rolls last night and have finally emptied my container of pineapple jam. Now I have 3 containers filled with pineapple rolls. With all my CNY cookies stocked up, they are ready for my guests to sample tomorrow! =)..Who knows, I can start a cookies business in the future! haha!
Anyway, we're expecting about 10-12 people to show up tomorrow and most of them have never experienced a CNY celebration. I suspect my husband will be blasting some CNY songs he bought from Malaysia tomorrow. We will also have some gaudy CNY decorations that I picked up yesterday and put them around the house!!After all, it's Chinese New Year...... so do expect to see pieces of flashy red & gold stuff around the house!

Tomorrow's Dinner Party Menu, everything will be prepared from scratch by me and maybe my sous chef, husband:
  • Vegetarian Fried Noodles
  • Shrimp & Pineapple Fried Rice
  • Seafood Dumpling
  • Vegetarian Sping Roll
  • "Pie Tee" (**Not sure yet)
  • Seafood Korean Pancake
  • Baby BokChoy with Chinese Mushroom
  • Curry Leaf Shrimp
  • Belacan Chicken or Chicken Satay
  • Yee Sang
  • Honey Dew Sai Mai Lo
  • Lychee or Longan Jelly
  • Beer, Wine, Soda & Juice
I'll be slaving in my kitchen trying to prepare as much in advance as I can today so that I have more time to entertain guests tomorrow!

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