Friday, January 9, 2009

A Super Duper Late X'mas Gift

My younger brother was so kind to get me something from Tiffany's for X'mas despite him being a student who works part time in school. Don't you just love this brother of mine!!! It was supposed to be a surprise for me when the gift arrive at my doorstep on Dec 30th.....It's been 10 freaking days now and my little blue box is yet to be seen!

Apparently, UPS left the package at my door step on Dec 30th when we were out skiing. When we got home, there wasn't anything at the front or back door, around the condo, or at my neighbour's. Anyway, this case is "under investigation" launched by UPS and is currently stressing me out. I've pretty much done my part in completing some survey form to certify that I never received the package and now I have to sit and wait. Thanks to UPS again, I knew the content of the surprise gift as they needed to clarify that I did not get that certain item. I will share with you which Tiffany item is it once I finally receive the package in my hands!

Tomorrow, I will have to make follow up calls to Tiffany's and hope that they will send a replacement package to me soon! I am thinking to make an arrangement for me to pick it up at the nearest store, instead of them sending it to me to avoid another disappearing package case. I don't want to go through the agony of being put on hold, talking to more customer service people and tracking every movement of the package!

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