Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Is Not CNY Without........

Mandarine Oranges/Tangerines and BAK KWA!!! Yum....Yum!!!!

CNY in Malaysia means buying, eating, giving lots of "Kam" (Mandarine Oranges), mainly imported from China........I've got my share of "Kam", got some Florida tangerines from the local grocer - it was cheap; 4 for $1 and didn't taste too bad.....For 25 cents each, I shouldn't be complaining too much! Mandarin Orange is a symbol of wealth and good fortune, that's why you see abundance of them during CNY!
And also during CNY (in most Chinese Malaysian homes), you would see "Bak Kwa"/ "Rou Gan" being served, or given as gift. This is a yummy snack, made from smoked seasoned pork/chicken. It's almost like jerky, just not as dry; a little sweeter and saltier! Since we could hardly get any "Bak Kwa" in the US (even in Chinatowns), I made my own batch to satisfy my CNY "Bak Kwa" cravings! It's been 4-5 years since I last made them, as making Bak Kwa often leave me with a pain-in-the-ass-to-clean baking sheet! Here's a picture of home made "Bak Kwa", the flavor is somewhat there....=)....I'm a happy camper! Husband couldn't stop munching them down like a shredder! Hehe!!


ayu said... need to make me some chicken ones sometime...i have no idea what bakkwa tastes like!!! although i know the obsession some ppl have with it...i had a roommate who almost cried when they took away his bakkwa at the airport once...HAHAHA


OH I GOT THE DRESS!!! i love the slightly pinkish sash!!! but you're right...hehe...kinda big :o). i found a tailor nearby...gonna try taking it there.


ayu said...

oh how could i forget *smack forehead*...THANK YOU!!!

Simply June said...

Yay.....I think I'm gonna use first class mail from now on!!!! It's way quicker than I expected.....Yay...Good Luck with the tailor!...And you're welcome!

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