Friday, January 30, 2009

Fatigue Friday..

I only crawled into bed at 3am on Friday and woke up to my husband's alarm ringing at 6.30am. Reached for my laptop as I was curious to know who would Federer's opponent be come this Sunday (Husband and I are gonna stay up or go to bed early at wake up at 3.30am), saw that the game between Nadal & Verdesco was still in progress....It's already 3 hours and they are still playing???? Since, I'm already awake (eventhough I'm no fan or Nadal's), I decided to tune in to the live match on TV. Spectacular perfomance by both players! Verdesco was giving Nadal a run for this tennis racquet, only to have Verdesco double faulted at the match point - giving Nadal the win. They played for more than 5 hours!!

I couldn't sleep, so I continued by playing the Wii and Wii Fit (actually did some Yoga!!=P) I was so tired after having only 3 hours of sleep the night before that my short nap turned into somewhat a "deep nap" as I didn't realize that husband was back with the TV, right in front of me . So, we finally got our TV from Sears today, after a few days of delay and empty promises from incompetent associates! Here's our spanking new 46" Samsung LCD, 120Hz, 1080p, with a tint of red; perfect for our living room theme! Husband and I were "oohing and aahing" with the picture quality and was no doubt better than the old Plasma which is now my Wii TV!
For dinner, I fed the boys Home Made Spring Rolls and Tom Yam Linguini before sending them off to pick up their new TVs! =) ... I love the crunchiness of spring rolls with jicama, carrot, & mushroom filling, like the ones I made tonight! I also made Bak Kua and will post it on a new post later. My night did not just end with food and new tv; I went to play tennis again from 9pm-10pm .... That's why I'm super tired....Should be able to sleep like a baby after I get my hands on some Wii games!

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