Sunday, January 11, 2009

CNY Fever

X'mas & New Year flew by so quickly, and now Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) will be celebrated on January 26th this year, the year of the Ox. Well, my X'mas ornaments have been kept away in the attic, but I still have my fake pine tree in my living room. I decided to decorate my "Ex-X'mas" tree with various CNY decorations that my darling husband bought in Malaysia. Here's a picture of my Chinese New Year tree, and it does look almost like my X'mas tree since both had red decorative items on it, but if you do look closely, it's slightly different! =)
Here's a close-up picture of my CNY ornaments; fire-crackers, gold coins and lanterns.
And we hung a couple red lanterns in the house too...=)....Nothing wrong with being a little festive, right? =P

With our CNY decorations done, now I'll have to get busy in the kitchen baking cookies and perhaps a cake or two! Here's my "To Bake List" in no particular order (I'm hoping I have the time to bake all these by CNY):

  1. Pineapple Rolls, one of my favorite CNY cookies
  2. Peanut Cookies, my husband's favorite CNY cookies
  3. Cornflake Cookies, another of my favorite CNY cookies
  4. Dragon Cookies ("Loong Peng"), another of my favorite CNY cookies
  5. Fruit Cake, my mom's yearly CNY tradition which I might attempt to make

Besides baking baking husband and I are planning to organize a CNY reunion dinner and invite some of our close friends over since they are our family here in the Boston area!

Well, till my next post! It's snowing right now and by tomorrow morning I will see 8-10 inches of snow in my mini backyard! Maybe husband and I will attempt some snow angels or build a snowman in the morning!! For those of you in the MA or Northeast area, stay safe, stay warm, savor a cuppa hot chocolate and enjoy the snowy weather!!

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