Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Here! It's Here!

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!! After waiting for this super duper late X'mas gift.......It's FINALLY HERE!!! I'm thrilled with Tiffany's excellent service for quickly sending this at no charge via UPS Next Day Air, after resolving the case of the "Missing Package"........... However, I'm not too happy with UPS's service AGAIN!....Tiffany had put down Signature Required for this package, but when the UPS driver delivered this package....... He left my package at my front door, rang the door bell and just walked towards his truck! As I was already waiting for this package, I ran down the stairs as quickly as I can and reached for the door knob. He heard the door open, turned back and requested for my signature......If I had not opened my door that quickly, I wonder if he would just leave this package there, WITHOUT my signature!!!I guess I'll be nice this time and forgive the UPS driver....since the weather was frigid cold today!Brrrrrrr....After all this's my Little Blue Box.... the one I've been waiting to receive since December 30th.....Read more about the X'mas Present Fiasco here...
And here's the gift from my generous brother, Yang and his girlfriend, Wan Qi (Just found out, it's from both of them)... THANKS SO MUCH for the lovely gift!!....Love you, guys! Now, I should also thank my hubby in advance, as he promised to get me a matching silver chain from Tiffany's so that I can wear this charm!!... Don't you just love these kind souls...=)...**hugs*

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