Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beware: Australian Open Bug!!

I caught the Australian Open bug!!!! I'm still awake at this hour watching the women's Semi Finals; Safina VS Zvonareva ....... To be honest, I am actually trying to stay awake till 3.30 am to catch Federer VS Roddick for a place in the Men's Finals! =) ...And need I remind you again, who I am rooting for?? =)........FEDEX........No silly, not the global shipping company (not this time)'s Roger Federer!!!!! =P.

Well, I caught the bug so bad that I needed to hit some tennis with husband or whoever willing to hit a couple balls with me! Husband had an appointment with his friend to play some singles. I ended up hitting with a TEN YEAR OLD GIRL who's fact very very good for her young age! She's been playing for 7 years while I've been playing for 14 - I shouldnt be disclosing this shameful information here!!! Man, do I feel old now......age is creeping up to me and before I know it, I'll hit the BIG 3-0!! =(

Anyway, playing with his little girl was kinda stressful as on one hand I do not want to appear as the relentless bully and on the other I can't be seen losing to her! We played for 40 minutes non-stop, she was remorseless and gave me a run for my money(in this case, tennis racquet)!! I was huffing and puffing but had to disguise it, pulling myself together and praying for the clock to show 10pm; when the court hour's up! In my defense, I'm very very unfit as I have not done any exercise in 3-4 months and I just did some Wii FIT earlier!!

So, Wednesday night was really a WON (Work Out Night). Besides the 40 minutes of tennis, we played the Wii FIT! I could feel my calories and fat burning off! Seriously! Wii FIT is really making the difference! Haha! Well, I'm hoping with the Wii FIT, I can continously eat, eat, eat and not fear the scale tipping over? I have to spend USD100 to find out that my Wii Age is 34 .......... and I have no balance .... Now, that explains my missteps every now and then..=P..So, Wii Wii, make me FIT!

I'm signing off this post with my Wednesday night dinner .... I don't know if there's a specific name for this, so I shall call it, "Sesame Chicken & Mushroom Stir-Fry". It was served with some Stir-Fry Chinese Vegetables, Steamy Radish Soup and Plain White Rice! Am I making you hungry or what????? =P

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