Thursday, January 1, 2009


Like I've mentioned, I planned for a fondue dinner on the eve of New Year...Here're some pictures of what we had that night....I made 3 appertizers : Crab Rangoon, Deviled Eggs (Specially for my brother's gf, coz she loved them), and Bacon Wrapped Chicken. After appertizers, we continued with 2 kinds of Fondue. There are a couple different kinds of fondue; Cheese Fondue, Fondue Bourguinonne (deep-fat fondue; cooking food in oil), Hot Pot/Steamboat (Asian way of cooking food in broth and we just had that the day before after our skiing session!) and Dessert Fondue.

For our NY Eve dinner, we had Fondue Bourguignonne with seafood and various vegetables as the entree. As for dessert, we had Chocolate Fondue with various fruits, cake and marshmallows!! The whole night was filled with good company, plenty of laughter, food and of course wine. We got a bottle of yummy Muscato Sparkling Wine to toast to the New Year at midnight and continue chatting till like 4 am!
By the way, I am loving this electric Cuisinart Fondue Pot which was a wedding gift from 2 friends in Chicago! Thanks for this a-w-e-s-o-m-e gift!

Accompanions for my Chocolate Fondue:

"Toasting" Marshmallows over "Vodka Fire".......Sorry no Graham Crackers, so we can't make Smores!

Well, I hope I did not make you hungry looking at these pictures! =) Hope your NY eve celebration was fun! I know I enjoyed my NY celebration!

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