Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Feng Shui Experience

Nope...I'm not blogging about where you should place your furnitures or what color your walls should be....I'm blogging about this cool Asian restaurant called Feng Shui located in Chelmsford, MA. This restaurant is fairly new and has awesome deco in the inside. I've been to this place numerous times for their Sushi, Buffet and most recently Hibachi.

Feng Shui serves daily weekday lunch buffet apart from their regular Chinese and Japanese menu which also includes Hibachi and Sushi. On Sunday nights, they have a special buffet @ $17.95 serving some familiar chinese dishes, sushi & nigiri, and a selection of desserts. What caught my attention were the ginger scallion stir-fry LOBSTER, salt & pepper JUMBO SHRIMP, and King Crab Legs all replenished quickly for hungry guests like me. If only they would do a better job replenishing their sushi and nigiri platters in a timely manner!!
Oh, by the way did I mention that their Sushi is pretty good?

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