Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Wedding Affair

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly weds; Ayu & Kyle! I had an awesome experience being part of your wedding party; THANK YOU!! This was my first time attending a church wedding, being a bridesmaid and also getting so involved in a wedding (other than my own). Although, walking down the aisle (alone) was more nerve wreaking compared to when I walked down the aisle at my own wedding! I had gigantic butterflies in my tummy the whole time!

On the morning of the wedding, we were greeted by a blanket of snow; about 1-2 inches of wintery white snow… It was gorgeous! Not enough to stay white the whole day though!! ChicagoThe wedding was very intimate with close family and friends present, and went very well. Kyle (The groom) shed tears a few times when he saw his lovely Ayu walked down the aisle and at the altar. How sweet! =) Everything came together perfect even with all those short notices and with the wedding couple planning the event from abroad!

Chicago-4 Chicago-3

The flowers and decorations were all handmade and turned out beautifully even though all of us do not have any professional experience doing flowers. Thanks to googling, you tubing, teamwork and creative juices, we somehow managed to put together the bouquets, corsages and kissing balls the night before the wedding! =) Pictures below are the bridal bouquet (left) and bridesmaid bouquet (right). It was so much fun doing the flowers, I would do it over and over again! Anyone getting married and need flowers done??? Email me! Haha!!

                Chicago-1 Chicago-5

Once the ceremony ended, we took tons of group pictures with the newly weds before headed to Weber Grill for the wedding luncheon. I will blog on the food @ Weber Grill separately! The weather by now was sunny, and was getting slightly warmer. It was totally the opposite from the weather in the morning! Chicago-2Chocolate eggs packed in pastel colored Chinese takeout boxes were the wedding favors! The eggs represented Easter as well as the Malay tradition of giving out “Bunga Telur” (Flower Eggs) at Malay weddings. I thought it was very appropriate to combine both East meets West culture in the wedding!WeddingCupcake-11 And here’s my little masterpiece wedding gift to the bride and groom! The handmade cupcake stand had already made it to Chicago earlier and survived the trip by mail. The cupcakes and figurines survived the flight from Boston to Chicago. Unfortunately, I did not stay long enough for the cake ceremony as I was running late for my other appointment that I squeezed in before my flight back to Boston. I think and hope Ayu and Kyle (and the guests??) loved the wedding cupcakes! Well, I know they adore the creation and I’m hoping they enjoyed the eating the cupcakes as much as they enjoyed looking at it. Thanks for putting the trust and faith in me to make your wedding cupcakes!! **Hugs**WeddingCupcake-12


Lilia said...

such cute cupckes!! Love it~~
Great idea of using the box too :)

Adeline said...

the flowers are beautiful!!! haha... you could have done my flowers and i would have save tons of $$$. :P

Mrs. Green said...

i love your writeup. totally hits the nail on the head :o)

i'm really glad you guys were all so willing to chip in and get involved. really made the wedding. thank you thank you thank you!

Simply June said...

SweetHearts : Thanks! got the idea from googling!
Adeline: Yea.. what about an anniversary?? Or renewal of vows??
Ayu:good..good... I had so much fun!!....Would do it all over again!!and u're welcome! =P

ween said...

looks like a really great wedding!!!

Simply June said...

Ween: It was!!! It ended too soon though.... hehe!

bushmummy said...

Gorgeous lovely idea

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