Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicken Rice & A Walk By The River

I made Chicken Rice for dinner last night. My method may not be right, but I still loved it! I cooked the chicken legs in a pot of boiling stock with some diluted chicken broth, seasoning, garlic, ginger, and turmeric for some color! For the flavored rice, I used the same broth from cooking the chicken and added pandaneus leaves, ginger slices, fried shallots, sesame oil and salt! With the remaining chicken broth, I added some Daikon and made radish soup of of it! Chicken was served on a bed of sliced cucumber topped with cilantro and a soy sauce mixture! Yums! And Brady sat by us, aiming for a good bite (or a lick) at the juicy chicken legs!! HeheDinner-20Anyway, after our Chicken Rice dinner yesterday…hubby and I took Brady out on a stroll along the Merrimack River. Our routine has changed with Brady in our lives. We now get more exercise as we need to take Brady boy out for a walk and to socialize. At least, it’s true on my part…….as I hate exercising and walking, but with Brady around, he gives me motivation to walk outside! =)..Brady has been pretty good so far, although we can sense that he’s testing out his limits each day…doing different things and hoping he can get away with it! Hubby and I both agreed on some ground rules on Brady and it’s worked out fine so far!

Oh yeah, I’m now looking to change Brady’s food and have been looking and searching for different brands out there. Right now, Brady’s eating IAMS Minichunks and we would like to switch over to something better, higher in protein, more meat and less by products! Share with me your recommendations or suggestions! =) 

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