Saturday, March 7, 2009

His Majesty Cooked Pad Thai

For ME! ME! ME!!!! Yay! It’s nice to be pampered and have the husband make dinner! **kisses** Well, he made the main course; Pad Thai and I made the soup; Tom Yum Kung!!!

The idea of Pad Thai came 2-3 nights ago when we were lazing on the bed watching some Food Network past midnight (I think). We caught 2 episodes of Throw Down with Bobby Flay (another Food Network chef)! BIG mistake….HUGE mistake….. to watch it at midnight as both of us got hungry!!!! The first episode was a Sushi throw down and the second was a Pad Thai throw down; both we LOVE!!We practically salivated ourselves to sleep that night….haha! That’s when we just knew we had to attempt to make it SOON!!! It’s so wonderful to have someone who shares the same passion for food like I do.. =)

Hence for dinner last night, hubby said he will make me some Pad Thai for dinner!! I shopped for the ingredients and he did the cooking and cutting!!Hehe…Husband picked a Pad Thai recipe by Alton Brown, which amuses me coz he doesn’t like him!! His excuse; it was the first few recipes that showed up on the search!!! Argh!!Dinner-15 The verdict on the Pad Thai by His Majesty based on Alton Brown’s recipe…… was alright..(We did substitute certain ingredients which are more authentic compared to Alton’s).. We both agreed the taste was somewhat there…but there is something missing and there is definitely room for improvement. To be honest, I did not like the way Alton Brown cooked the Pad Thai…=P.. where he add the noodles, shrimp, sauce and vegetables together. I prefer to sauté the shrimp first (then remove and add later), and adding the vegetables the very last. Oh well, what do I know….he’s the Celebrity Chef..and I’m just plain nobody! We both agree that we need to attempt Pad Thai again, this time maybe using a more authentic looking recipe! Sorry, Alton! =)Dinner-16 And what is Thai food without Tom Yum Kung??? I made some with a combination of Tom Yum paste, fish sauce, tamarind paste, lime juice, cilantro, chili pepper, palm sugar, shrimp and mushroom! This was a spur of the moment thingy to make soup to compliment the Pad Thai..I don’t know if this is the right ingredients for a Tom Yam Kung, but both husband and I thought it tasted right and yummy …..Thai restaurant kinda good! =P

A glass Iced Thai Coffee would have been perfect to top off our Friday night dinner!…Have a wonderful weekend ahead! =)


Anonymous said...

wat, kelvin dun like alton brown? but .. but ... he's so scientific >_<

Simply June said...

hehe.. i forgot if he doesn't like the guy....or the show =P....

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