Thursday, March 19, 2009


Brady-10This is a special update per the request of my friend Adeline. With Brady in our lives, my handbag is now filled with 4 essential things; Poopy bag (to pick up after Mr. Brady), doogie treats (to bribe or to reward him), his squeaky toy (to reward or to distract him) and of course hand sanitizer (needed especially after picking up after him!!). Thank goodness for an oversize handbag!

Brady boy passed his wellness check during his recent visit to the vet. HURRAY!! The shelter we adopted him from requires us to send Brady for a checkup within 7 days of the adoption. The first visit to certain vet is free, for adopted dogs; which is wonderful as a visit to the vet cost about $50-60 each, in addition to vaccines and other medicines that your dog might need. We have the option to “return” Brady for a full refund, if he has a medical issue that we do not want to deal with. I was VERY nervous when I brought him to the vet as I do not want to be caught in the scenario of either spending hundreds (or thousands) to make him better or “returning” him and picking up another rescued dog since we’ve already fallen in love with him!

The only thing Brady needs right now is for us to start brushing his teeth as he has some tartar build up in his back teeth! Either that or about $500 ( we better start saving up???) for professional cleaning from the vet which was recommended since he’s got quit a bit of tartar. I need to get some poultry flavored dog toothpaste to clean his teeth. =) Oh yeah, we need to make sure Brady gain a little more weight… he’s right now a skinny little thing! So, we’re feeding him a little more than instructed…at least for now!

Brady loves to sleep and also cuddle up to us for a good scratch which will just hypnotize him and make him fall asleep on our lap! He sometimes demand some attention and affection, give him a hug a cuddle and he will in return will lick your face silly!! I love his excitement and his wag-ly tail when he greets you at the door or stairs. That’s why I prefer to have a dog as a pet (sorry cat owners!) and that’s why I wanted a dog with a long tail!!! Hehe! Brady will always greet us when we come out from the shower/toilet upstairs! It’s like we’ve been gone forever and he’s super pleased to see us again! =) Since we’ve decided to keep Brady out from the bedrooms, it’s heart wrenching to see him wait outside the bedroom door whenever we go in the room, especially when we go to bed. He will wait patiently for minutes (or hours??) before going back down to his own bed. Brady-6It’s been almost a week since we brought Brady home, and we’ve yet hear him bark. It’s truly a blessing as we do not want a yappy dog! Be assured that he’s not deaf (and dumb)…..that we sure know as we’ve heard him yelped (at the vet and when hubby accidentally stepped on his tail, oops), and he loves anything that squeaks! Right now he’s absolute favorite toy is a squeaky loofah dog! He loved it so much, he’ll bring it almost everywhere! And since he loved it so much, I just had to buy him another once….especially since it’s on sale!! Hehe! Here’s a picture of Brady and his favorite toy at the moment, a 12” loofah dog we named “Fido”!Brady-4Mr. Brady enjoys car rides and taking strolls. He doesn’t really pull when he walks but will occasionally try to stray when he sees kids, dogs, and things we don’t see?? Haha! He is extremely friendly to people and dogs. We think he’s a heartbreaker as many ladies think he’s oh-so-cute especially with his prominent Jack Russell Terrier features!! =)

Everyday is a new learning experience with Brady and we are loving his every move, falling deeper and deeper in love with our boy, Brady! He’s an excellent dog as our first dog, somewhat quite housebroken, extremely affectionate and decently behaved! Haha!  Brady also does not have food (or toy?) aggression meaning we can talk away his food/treat/toy without him snapping, growling or biting us! And the way he sleeps is just hilariously funny!!

Say goodbye to cold kennels at the shelter, foster families, hoarder with 40 dogs in the same house and different faces everyday! I’m proud to say that Brady has found his FOREVER home and is here to stay a long time. We will definitely shower Brady with lots of love, food, treats and toys! Hehe!

Here are more silly and cute pictures of BRADY!! If you’re my Facebook friend, do check out my photo album for more pictures of Brady! =)

Brady-9 Brady-5 Brady-7 Brady-8

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Adeline said...

awww.... brady is a lucky boy! =)

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