Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunny Weekends & Slushy Mondays!

Over the weekend, we’ve been blessed with wonderful warm weather in the 60s I think! Except for the occasionally wind, you can even skip the winter coats; a light jacket will keep you warm! The weather has been wonderful and was short lived as we are being greeted by slushy snow right now! BooHoo! I think it’s been snowing since morning, not too bad compared to last Monday (where we probably got 10-12 inches) but we should expect 3-4 inches by the time the snow stops I think! Snow somehow always greet you at the busiest time of the week, MONDAYS; when everyone is not ready to start the new week yet have to drive to work in the wintery weather and some needed to fly to another location for meetings only to be delayed for hours at the airports!!

Apart from the gloomy slushy Monday, my weekend was totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Wonderful weather aside, husband and I went to more dog rescue shelters both on Saturday and Sunday hunting for the ONE! We saw a couple prospects, but we do need to think about it carefully, making sure it will be the perfect dog/puppy for us and our lifestyle before we decide to sign the papers and bring one home! Let me show you some of the cute furry friends we saw and fell in love with…

First up, meet Roxy-Ann; a Shiba Inu and Pomeranian mix. She is 2 yrs old and is absolutely the cutest thing. Very energetic and poise!

Roxy-1      Roxy

Next, meet Jack; a pure breed beagle. He is 5 months old and is so full of energy! His previous owners bought from him a breeder and apparently kept him in a tiny crate (the crate apparently is too small for him, leaving not much room for him to even lift his head…so sad!) for 20 hours a day.

Jack-1      Jack

Last but not least, meet Max (I had a dog named Max years ago); a Jack Russell Terrier mix. His age is unknown yet as he was just brought in the day earlier. He is also not ready for adoption as he’s not been tested by the vet yet. We think he’s very young, also very very energetic and we hope to drop by the shelter again once he is available for adoption! The pictures does not do justice to Max, he’s super cute!! =)

MaxThe hunt is definitely still one to save a dog/puppy from the shelter. We will still need to research and weigh out each of the pros and cons of each of the little fury friends we saw over the weekend! Till our next trip to the shelters…Woof!

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