Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mon Ami Gabi….YUM-O!!


I met up with some of my friends in Chicago over brunch at Mon Ami Gabi French Bistro. My friend Caroline suggested to meet there and I have to say it was a marvelous decision! Brunch was so good and not overly expensive. I would have thought it would be much more pricey to dine at this restaurant!

Here’s the Brunch Menu which is only available on the weekend. I ordered a Classic Quiche Lorraine which came with a small Frisee Salad. The quiche was so good, hearty, creamy and the smokiness of the bacon was simply delectable. My friends ordered Crepes, Waffles, Burgers and also Eggs Benedict which also look equally yummy. If only they had a brunch buffet for me to sample everything on the menu!!Hehe. Oh...the way the served soup was simply unique…..They brought a cast iron kettle like pot out and pour the soup you ordered table side. This ensures that you get a bowl of steamy soup!

No picture of my Brunch dining experience. Sorry! But I can surely vouch that the food is yummy, the ambience is wonderful, and the service was pretty decent (Too bad we had a waiter who seem like it was his first day on the job!)

They do not have that many locations… only 5 locations in the US…. Bummer!!…Please..please open one in Bean Town, Boston!! =)..

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