Friday, March 27, 2009

Wedding “Cupcaker”

WeddingCupcakeWith my sleeves rolled up and armed with my humble collection of Wilton cake supplies, my sturdy Kitchen Aid stand mixer, my faithful Frigidaire Oven, my 10 scrawny little fingers, my somewhat creative mind? and my determination to make the cupcakes to what I had in mind…..I got to work and started baking! The baking part was quite easy..the decoration part was a tad tiring.

WeddingCupcake-1 WeddingCupcake-4

It has been quite a while since I last played with fondant, let alone roll out a pack of fondant. I forgot how much strength I needed to flatten that piece of fondant. It took me quite a while to roll out the fondant to the thickness I need for the cupcakes. I could almost feel sweat tickling down my forehead and my biceps (and triceps) crying in vain!!! At the end of this ‘rolling session’, I think I’ve worked enough muscles to avoid the gym… Oh wait,I don’t go to the gym..Maybe I should just start baking and selling cakes! That way, I get to do the things I like and work those biceps at the same time?? =P

 WeddingCupcake-3 WeddingCupcake-6

I nearly broke my back baking about 72 cupcakes and decorating about 60 cupcakes. After about 7 hours of standing and non-stop bending my back over the kitchen counter top, I’ve finished another part of my wedding cupcake mission! I guess I shouldn’t be complaining how tiring it was as I’m only making 60-70 cupcakes, nothing compared to my friend Ween @ who bakes cupcakes day in and out!

 WeddingCupcake-7 WeddingCupcake-9

As of now, the cupcakes are holding up very well….Phewh! It’s all packed in my homemade carrier box and will await their maiden flight to Chicago!! Lets pray and hope that everything will go as planned! =) Now I need to make sure I pack my bridesmaid dress (and matching shoes) and some clothing for my Windy City trip! I foresee lots of eating for 2 days…. I better pack in some loose clothing and baggy pants!!! Haha! Yours truly will be flying off tomorrow morning and returning Sunday night! Stay tuned for the post wedding update!


Adeline said...

Have a safe trip!
Your cupcakes turned out fabulous!

JW Tay said...

Wow!! the small roses on top of the cupcakes, sure very hard to make it. Cause it really small in size.

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