Monday, March 30, 2009

Back In Town…….I Heart Southwest Airlines

My trip to Chicago was super fun… super short….super tiring….which left me super duper exhausted today! I will blog more over the next few days on the various restaurants we pigged out at in the Windy City as well as the wedding!SouthwestThis entry, I would love to share my experience flying with Southwest….MY FAVORITE AIRLINE! Seriously…no sarcasm here. I really enjoy flying Southwest Airlines and will always check out their website for flights first, before searching on other sites. You can purchase tickets at great deal if you download their Ding! program or purchase tickets 21 days in advance!

I know there are travelers who does not like the Southwest no seat assignment (and no first class) arrangement; but I don’t care! I love that all I need to do is check in 24 hours prior to departure to sort of “secure my seat”! Passengers (once checked in) are assigned a placement of where to line up at the departure gate. There are generally 3 main groups; A , B & C and each group is numbered to 60. The first passenger to check it at exactly 24 hours before departure will most likely secure #A1 which gives you the first priority to board the plane and choose your own seating (after the pre-boarding passengers) while if you secure #C60; good luck…as you will be the last to be on board and fill remaining spot.

There are usually no cancellation fee to change/cancel your flight, except paying for the difference if a new flight is booked. If you do cancel, you are either given a refund or a credit. You can check in up to two luggage for free unlike some other airlines who charges you $15 and up for first luggage. Snacks (Cracker & peanuts) and drinks are also given on every flight, free.

Over the 3-4 years I’ve flew with Southwest airlines, I’ve gotten about 3-4 roundtrip tickets for free. it’s faster to receive free roundtrips with Southwest as all you need to do is fly 8 roundtrips with and you’ll receive one free round trip(It doesn’t matter where you fly to). With other airlines; i.e you will need 25,000 – 40,000 miles to get a roundtrip ticket. Even with that, there’s so much restrictions to claim a free trip with other airlines. On top of that you will also receive drink coupons for 4-5 glasses of wine or beer with Southwest Airlines. That’s about a $20 value for free drinks! =) And speaking of free drinks, check this out….how cool is that???Southwest-1Flying at least 24 round trips with Southwest, I have only experienced delayed once or twice and NEVER A CANCELLATION/CHANGE IN SCHEDULE with my reservations compared to American Airlines and United Airlines. The flight attendants are usually very outgoing, extremely friendly and chirpy. If you’re lucky, you might encounter with one of their many ‘singing staff’ who will happily serenade the passengers on board. Oh, did I mention pillows and blankets are also available…again for FREE!

I HEART Southwest! Keep up the good work and don’t follow the foot steps of the other airlines who love to charge just every penny for everything!! .=P

PS: Not affiliated with Southwest Airlines. Opinions are my own as a loyal customer who absolutely love the great service provided by Southwest!

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