Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicken Pot Pie, My Version!

Watching Bobby Flay’s Chicken Pot Pie Throw Down made me wanting to indulge a crusty flaky steamy serving of Chicken Pot Pie!! So, I finally made it one day later - yesterday! Chicken PotPie-5With me having some sniffles and yesterday being a little cold, I thought Chicken Pot Pie would be a wonderful comfort food for the night! OK, that was just an excuse to satisfy my cravings…haha! Again, sort of working with what I have, I think I churned out a pretty good Pot Pie and it was excellent with some Shiraz!! YUMSS!!

Here’s what I had in the filling; shredded chicken breast, sliced Crimini mushroom, onion, garlic, frozen peas, frozen carrots, frozen corn kernels, hash brown, grated parmesan cheese, cooking wine, chicken broth, milk, heavy cream, salt and pepper! I thought the hash brown (since I’m out of potatoes) was a nice little twist to the filling.

Here’s another twist; this is the first time I used Phyllo Dough for the crust which I already have in my freezer! I usually use puff pastry for the crust as the buttery flaky pastry is a great combination with the filling. Phyllo Dough, is a tissue paper thin pastry dough commonly used in the Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean. After I made the filling, I poured it into a casserole pot, and pile “tissue paper” (Phyllo dough) on the top. And right before baking it, I poured lotsa melted butter!!!**Sorry Ayu, you’re probably gonna disagree with me on the butter, milk and heavy cream used in this dish!**And yes, you mentioned about the heart attack! Stop squirming!! hehe! =P

The two picture below are the before and after melted butter is poured over the pile of “tissue paper” Phyllo dough!

 Chicken PotPieChicken PotPie-1 

I love the buttered Phyllo dough crust on the Chicken Pot Pie! It was as good as having puff pastry on the crust! This alternative is certainly a keeper! The best thing is, I made extra so that I can have some for lunch today!!! YUMS!

Chicken PotPie-3Chicken PotPie-4

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