Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green Tea Latte (Nescafe)

 Green Tea-2Okay… here’s my non-bias review of the Green Tea Latte by Nescafe! This box of green tea latte was a gift from Anna, something she bought at the Tokyo Narita Airport during her layover there! So, I finally tried the green tea latte…and I must admit that I don’t really enjoy it (unfortunately). I guess I shouldn’t complain especially when this is a gift from a dear friend… (Anna, I’m sure you don’t mind my criticism, right??? hehe).. Well, Anna and I agreed that coffee latte are better! I think I would prefer drinking my green tea, plain – no sugar or cream!

Well, there are only 5 packets of green tea latte mix in each box. And you can only add about 120-130ml of boiling water which isn’t much. It still tasted like green tea, but has a funny sweet after taste ( I wonder if it’s artificial sweetener or such in it) and the creaminess is somehow not up to par. My idea of a latte is creamy… creamy…creamy…. .=)..Well, I will not waste and will finish up this latte. After that, I think we’ll probably stick to hot green tea or cafe latte! =)

If you do see this Green Tea Latte by Nescafe, pick one up try it and let me know if you love it or not! =)Green Tea-3

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