Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Max – Adoption Pending

MaxI went to the shelter today hoping that Max will be ready for adoption. To my disappointment, he has an adoption pending, and it’s not me (us)!! =( When I got to the shelter today, Max was his usual active self wagging his tail so happily….I was disappointed when I saw that he was being quarantined and more disappointment followed along with some slight confusion when I saw that he has a adoption pending. I was both confused and surprised at the same time that they allowed the dog to be adopted even though it was in the quarantine cage. So I inquired more and apparently the adoption came internally; the family of the person who leads/manages the shelter has sent in an adoption for Max. Well I found out that Max was supposed to be out of the quarantine cage but volunteers had not moved him to the regular cage just yet.

I took Max out for a walk and played with him for a bit…….and I fell in love with him…..AGAIN..The adoption will most likely go through although I was secretly wishing that it will fall through so that I can have him!!

Well, hopefully Max will go to a good home where the owners will treat him nice and shower him with abundant love! Oh how I wish we were the ones who sent in that adoption papers!!

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