Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brady Eyeing Our Dinner!

Brady-13With Brady around, we continued our habit of eating our dinner at the coffee table in front of the telly. The difference is, hubby now has to guard the food as I bring them out and serve it at the coffee table. A wondering eye away from the food on the table will most likely allow Brady chance to lick or to take a bite at what is served that night!

Brady is quite a good boy during our dinner time even though he may occasionally try to sniff and hover around the table. He will eventually sit and change sitting locations; beside the table, beside hubby or myself or between us patiently and probably sympathetically till we give in! Haha.. But, we’ve decided that he will not be fed off the table and will not be fed human food. Sorry Brady! He does get a treat once we finished dinner though! =)

So for Monday and Tuesday’s dinner….he’s been salivating as we enjoyed these:

1) Monday’s Dinner: Pork Patties with Potatoes, Stir Fry Celery and Radish Soup. The Pork Patties I made were sort of similar to making a meat ball, minus the cheese and breadcrumbs and instead  oriental seasoning were used.Dinner-24

2) Tuesday’s Dinner: Nyonya Chicken Curry, Fried Omellette with Egg & Pickled Radish and Cabbage Soup. Dinner-25 The Nyonya Chicken Curry was from a store bought paste and all I did was add chicken, tomatoes, cilantro, coconut milk and some salt. I unfortunately did not enjoy this brand of chicken curry mix: “Chan Hong Instant Nyonya Curry Chicken Mix”. I find it way too spicy (compared to other brands I’ve tried before) that I can hardly taste the other spice/other ingredients anymore. I added a little more liquid than suggested and some palm sugar to try to tone down the heat, and it just helped a little! However, the curry became a little diluted and even less flavorful. Sigh……..I will skip this brand in the future! =P

Tonight, Brady boy will surely be eyeing to sink his teeth in our pork chops that I’ll be making for dinner! Hehe! Sit, Brady, Sit!


Lilia said...

omg! I cam across your blog the other day and i realize that your dog and mine look alike.

HOW GORGEOUS!but mine's a foxie cross Maltese. :P

Lilia said...

Yes yes i Agree! Especially i saw some photo's of Brady sleeping is just like Chico! Chico is turning 2 in April 28th. I can also see that you spoilt your prince terribly and yes i spoilt mine too! :p
He also does what Brady does of staring at the food or us and salivate while we eat! LOL

I've never found anyone closer looking that Brady. Perhaps they are foreign country brothers!
I really like the Asian dessert you make. Yummie!

Simply June said...

Yes..he's a pampered boy! According to the vet, Brady might be 2 yrs old too, altho the shelter staff said he's a yr old! I guess, Brady and Chico might be long lost twins!! Haha... Brady's birthdate is supposingly March 08, we are assuming that he's birthday is March 13, the day we took him home! =)

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